Deciding What To Do With My LifeDeciding What To Do With My Life

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Deciding What To Do With My Life

When I started thinking about college, I knew that I wouldn't fit in. It just seemed so stuffy and unnatural, and I knew that there was a chance I would be wasting some money on partying. However, I knew that I wanted to do something different than work as a grocery store cashier, which is why I started talking with my uncle about trade school. He explained that trade school was a great way to get into a career, without spending hours and hours in the classroom. He also explained that I would be working with my hands, which I thought was great. Check out this blog for more information about how trade school could help you.



How to Help Your Teen Decide What to Do After High School Graduation

One of the hardest jobs for parents of teenagers is preparing them for life after high school graduation. While most parents expect their children to attend college, not every kid will want to follow that path. It's okay for a child to not want to go to college, because there are many other wonderful opportunities for them in the world. While it is hard for many parents to think of their child as an adult, it is very rewarding to help your child make the transition to adulthood. Read More