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Deciding What To Do With My Life

When I started thinking about college, I knew that I wouldn't fit in. It just seemed so stuffy and unnatural, and I knew that there was a chance I would be wasting some money on partying. However, I knew that I wanted to do something different than work as a grocery store cashier, which is why I started talking with my uncle about trade school. He explained that trade school was a great way to get into a career, without spending hours and hours in the classroom. He also explained that I would be working with my hands, which I thought was great. Check out this blog for more information about how trade school could help you.



3 Tips To Encourage Preventative Maintenance For Your Facility

Facilities management personnel are tasked with coordinating people, processes, and equipment that contribute to the efficiency of an office space, warehouse, or other structure. The successful management of professional facilities requires specialized training and significant attention to detail.

Preventative maintenance of one of the most important areas you can focus on when trying to improve the function of your facilities. Learning some strategic ways to encourage preventative maintenance in your facilities now will help your buildings perform properly over time.

1. Be Strict About the Schedule

Nearly all facilities management personnel have a schedule that outlines when certain preventative maintenance tasks are to be completed. It is easy to let other maintenance tasks get in the way of the schedule, but doing so could have negative consequences.

If you are strict about adhering to the schedule when it comes to the completion of preventative maintenance tasks, you can ensure that the facilities under your care are given the regular attention they need in the future.

2. Establish Clear and Attainable Goals

It's not enough just to have a preventative maintenance schedule in place; you need to encourage your technicians to stick to the schedule and provide them with clear and measurable goals that must be reached on a regular basis.

Incorporate the review of preventative maintenance tasks in routine employee evaluations. Offer incentives for technicians who complete all scheduled preventative maintenance on time. Setting clear and attainable goals in reference to preventative maintenance will motivate all technicians working in your facilities to make this type of proactive maintenance a priority.

3. Track the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

A facilities manager may not have the final say when it comes to establishing a preventative maintenance schedule. If you run into the problem of having a board of directors that doesn't view preventative maintenance as a wise investment, you need to be able to combat their position with hard facts.

Calculate the cost of downtime, parts, and labor required to respond to emergency maintenance problems. Compare these costs with the actual cost of preventative maintenance tasks that will allow you to avoid an emergency problem, and you will likely find that preventative maintenance is the more affordable option.

Present your findings to the directors to ensure they are on board with your preventative maintenance recommendations.

Facilities maintenance becomes much easier when you invest time in preventative maintenance tasks. A facilities maintenance training program that specializes in preparing you for a career in facilities maintenance will offer tips and tricks to help you implement a preventative maintenance program in the future.