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Deciding What To Do With My Life

When I started thinking about college, I knew that I wouldn't fit in. It just seemed so stuffy and unnatural, and I knew that there was a chance I would be wasting some money on partying. However, I knew that I wanted to do something different than work as a grocery store cashier, which is why I started talking with my uncle about trade school. He explained that trade school was a great way to get into a career, without spending hours and hours in the classroom. He also explained that I would be working with my hands, which I thought was great. Check out this blog for more information about how trade school could help you.



How To Get Training And Start Your Freight Broker Career

Commerce is built on the back of shipping decisions that transport goods from one point to another. The global logistics market is estimated to have a value between $8-$12 trillion per year. Freight shipping is one of the most common methods of sending goods. Because so many industries rely on these services, the job of a freight broker is one that will always be in demand. If you'd like to learn more about this career, its benefits, and how you can get started with it, keep reading. 

What does being a freight broker involve and why is it a great career path?

Freight brokers are the managers that match shippers with companies that need freight services. These decisions are often fluid, so freight brokers need to be versed in the different types of freight service, tariffs, logistics management, and other variables. As a broker, you need to learn all of these details so that you can help professionals handle the loads that keep their businesses going. Companies pay careful attention to these decisions because they affect everything from their budgets and shipping times to the prices that they pass along to their customers.

If you're a person who enjoys bringing multiple parties together to accomplish goals, this could be just the career for you. Some of the advantages of a freight broker career include flexible hours, the ability to work remotely, and no cap on the amount of money that you can potentially earn. Many freight brokers are independent agents, so you aren't beholden to a boss and will chart your career on the foundation of your own expertise and desires.

What kind of training is involved to get started?

Once you know that a freight broker career is something that you'd like to explore, take the time to get the training that will help you out. You can get freight broker certifications that establish your expertise and credibility so that you can begin taking jobs from a variety of clients. Expect freight broker training classes to cost you between roughly $300-$1,500 or so. Several schools offer online freight broker training that you can take on your own schedule. After you get your certifications, you will have to file for a business license and take out an insurance policy for your company.

The sky is the limit with your career as a freight broker. Use the tips in this article so that you can get training and start your career. Look for online freight broker training courses you can take.